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Hi, first time posting here. I've read that EMT is required, paramedic is preferred, and 3-5 years ER/ICU is also preferred. What about BSN? Is my ASN sufficient to become a flight nurse? Also I read that it's difficult to get hired as a flight nurse in the civilian world, and that I should consider going into the military. Any (constructive) suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry I asked a couple of really repetitive questions. Now that I have looked through all the threads I found the answers. Now, any suggestions on weight loss?


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Getting your BSN would certainly not hurt you, but I don't think that it's a requirement with many programs.

Take all the alphabet courses that you can (ACLS, BTLS, PBTLS, TNCC, PHTLS, NRP, PALS, ABLS, etc.), and gain instructor ratings, at least in the ones that interest you most.

EMT is a definite. Even if it's not required by a program, it would certainly help you out with scene responses. I wouldn't stop there; NREMT-P would look even better on your resume. Creighton University has an accelerated program that has an excellent reputation.

Also, an ATLS audit would definitely look good. If you don't have any specialty certifications, I would start planning to earn at least one. This can be CEN, CFRN, CCEMT-P, CCRN, etc. Some programs may require CFRN, though.

I'm no authority on air medical, but I have been preparing to enter this field for a while now. I've picked up some info along the way.

For more info, go to and enter the forum. Enter the forum called "getting started". You can see the experiences of other people there.

My advice from personal experience: Put your goals in writing and accomplish them as you are able. This is not something that can be done overnight. Take your time and do some ride alongs with your local service. You'll make some valuable contacts and will also figure out if this is really what you want.

Good luck to you!

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