Another burnout post :)

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I graduated 2.5 years ago as a second degree student (finished at 25) from a very well ranked BSN program. I have a great nursing GPA and really enjoyed all of the science courses that were part of my program. I was fortunate to start in a large, inner-city ICU as a new grad and two years later I'm completely ready to quit and not look back (even after several long vacations).

My disillusionment is very similar to the reasons already mentioned on these boards a thousand times. The top for me would be inadequate resources and staff to safely do my job, difficult management and lack of schedule flexibility (who wants to work weekends forever?), rude/obnoxious/violent patients and families, and the overall negative/bullying culture of bedside nursing. With all of that, my stress is constantly high and I can feel nursing starting to take a toll on my physical health.

I'm the only person of my friends / family in healthcare so its hard to find people that "get it." I initially started in nursing with the goal of working towards an APRN role after a few years of bedside but I'm not sure I want to be in direct care forever after the last two years. I feel like I'm at a crossroads of cutting my loses and completely changing careers now or pursuing a graduate degree within nursing. If I stay in nursing, I would pursue an FNP to get out of the hospital setting and have stable, regular M-F work hours. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!

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