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Hi all,

I've used allnurses for a reference many times before becoming a nurse, when studying for the NCLEX, and as of lately when preparing for my FNP licensure exam! Ive appreciated all the reccomendations and tips people have provided so felt it was only appropriate I shared my experience after passing my ANCC exam this week!

I believe everyone's study habits are different, and of course what works for 1 person, may not work for the next so it is important to recognize what your study habits and needs are in order to be successful in passing the exam, and feeling confident that you're going to own it because that is truly half the battle!!!!

I decided on taking the ANCC vs AANP just because all the NPs I knew had taken that, and I really knew no one personally who took the AANP. Though the research and non-clinical part of the ANCC seemed daunting, I figured if I didnt pass it, I would then take the AANP. BUT, Luckily, that wasn't necessary. I spent about 7 weeks studying for the exam; though I had over a 3.6 gpa during my FNP program, always passed exams with 80% and better, I knew I needed a comprehensive review. I listened to all of the barkley CDs once, reviewed the barkley manual that goes along with the CD twice, and read leik twice. I also went through all of the leik questions and rationales about 4-5 days before the exam averaging 200 questions a day, and then I also purchased board vitals and did about 1500 questions. To some this may be overkill, and to others may not be, but I knew I needed to do all of this in order to feel like I could go in there knowing I gave it my best shot. I would study on average 6 hours a day 6 days a week for those 6-7 weeks. It was NOT easy, but SO well worth it when I saw the word PASS immediately after finishing the exam. I would definitely agree with everyone else that LEIK is the holy grail for preparing for either exam. The clinical portion was all seen in Leik, whether it was just a term used in a rationale's question or a complete paragraph of info. The non-clinical section from Leik I felt did not help much; of course know it and review it but I feel like it really comes down to just analyzing the question and choosing the best answer, which just has to be common sense, and go with your gut instinct; envision yourself in that position and answer accordingly to those mind-boggling, bizarre questions you will see.

I tried hollier but was not a fan. I felt like Barkley was very comparative to Leik and they both supplemented one another very well; but I do think Barkley was a little more comprehensive! Don't focus as much on the peds section though besides common peds things, don't need to know erickson,freud, piaget or immunizations besides the major ones in pregnancy or health risk reduction ones. truly, Leik has everything you need to know. Board vitals questions were good especially for understanding the rationale and repetitiveness but were way more in depth and covered extra stuff that was unnecessary like calculations and uncommon diseases. Overall, go with confidence if you believe you've prepared to the best of your ability! Do it right the first time, so there won't have to be a 2nd try; I know it is easier said than done, but being nervous or worried will only cause distress. Make sure to read each question word for word, don't change answers unless your gut tells you, and just be optimistic because you will do great! Dont let other people's shortcomings, unpreparedness, or alternative study habits hinder your ability to pass and OWN IT :)

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