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Good afternoon, I'm writing this today, because I just passed my ANCC FNP certification yesterday afternoon.

First I want to tell everyone, that I made the mistake of thinking I could study on my own even with my busy life of working full time as an RN, mother, and significant other. So I finished school in June 2017, and took off literally 6 1/2 months to clear my mind. Which was a huge mistake. I was burnout with all my responsibilities and going to school. So I took the AANP in Dec 2017 and I failed. I made a 475 on the first test. So I was very devastated and felt like I had really let myself down. Instead of going to a review class, I continued to study, and took the (AANP) test again in April 2018 which I failed again with a 490. So after failing the AANP twice, I decided to go to a review class (Leik Review). That was the best thing I ever did for myself, because I realized that with all my responsibilities I just couldn't just rely on my studying alone. Leik Review is very straightforward, and I love that she talked about test taking strategies. After taking her review, I decided that maybe the AANP was not for me, and that the format of the ANCC would fit my way of analytical thinking better. So I took the ANCC yesterday June 30th, 2018. There was mixture of picture questions, drag and drop down, multiple answer questions, and regular multiple choice. I don't know why but this was a much better way for me. I felt like I had several ways to test my knowledge. I was very exhausted taking the test, but I felt so relieved when I saw that Congratulations you passed. I didn't receive a print out of my preliminary pass or fail as other people have said on other forums on here. But I will tell you that when I looked under my certification tab on the ANCC account today it states certified where it once said eligible. So that made me feel more confident that I did pass, because even though I did see congratulations you passed at the end I was still skeptical with receiving no printout.

So in conclusion, I just want to say don't be afraid of the ANCC. There are more professional, ethical principles, and research questions than the AANP but this test may be a better way for your brain.

Good Luck to everyone who is preparing for the test and taking it soon. Please don't give up it does feel horrible when you fail something, but what I learned is that now that I'm a working professional I need a little more help with reviewing things. I don't have the same amount of time for studying as I thought I did when I was in undergrad, because now I have way too many distractions with being a working adult.

Oh, I didn't take any kind of survey at the end of test. Just got my congratulations you passed and that was it.

Also please use the tutorial of the test at the beginning to understand all the features you can use on the test. Make sure to review professional, legal, ethics, and research as much as possible.

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