ANCC Board exam


I have taken the AANP twice and the ANCC once and have not been successful. I am not able to take the AANP again until Jan. I have not signed up to take the ANCC again because I don't know how to prepare. I have taken 2 Fitzgerald live review coarses and a Barkely live coarse. I have also purchased test questions and have the DVD from Fitzgerald. I also have the Leik book. I passed the foundations part with a high score, but the rest was low scoring. I received a 65% on the ANCC, 70 % is passing. I don't know how to even study for the research part of the exam. It was putting research studies in order of strength. How do I even begin? Can anyone offer me advice out there. I just want this to end.

Any advise will be helpful.

Thank you,

Mary Ann