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I am got my MSN as ACNP and then did FNP right after. In my job I really could use either one because it was adult male only patients. I stupidly let my ACNP lapse and now must take the boards over. I have been out of school for 10 years and I am scared and my motivation is slowly returning. I know the new ACNP programs include Geri now. What are ya'll using for board review prep?

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You need to check if you can still sit for the adult. If you take the new one you have to have the additional education for gero.


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Imccrn62, I have checked with ANCC, I have till Dec 31, 2014 to take the existing ACNP exam, it will be retired at that time. If I don't have board certification at that time, my only recourse is to go back to graduate school to obaint the geri content I don't currently have. So I MUST prepare and pass for the ACNP exam in 2014. I am also trying to get on with the VA in Lubbock. I have submiited the required forms and the positiion closed this week. Waiting to hear something.


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Some are using Barkley , Fitzgerald, APEA, and Leik Intensive Review Book. Also did you look at ANCC website for any review books?


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I am currently doing the Barkley CDs and am going to get the Fitz online next. APEA and I believe Leik, do not have acute care just adult geri primary. I love APEA! She is so down to earth. Also I have Sally Miller Acute Care review book questions. I have been out of school 10 years.


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New - Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Review and Resource Manual, 1st Edition

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