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Anatomy & Physiology Hesi A2 Help, Please!

by shaniquashanta shaniquashanta (New) New

I just finished taking my Hesi A2 entrance exam. I did well on all parts except for the Anatomy & Physiology section. Can someone who scored at least an 80%, tell me what study materials you used? Also, what were your study techniques? ... I have until July 14th to prepare myself for my next exam. Any tips, advice, etc. from anyone would really help. ... Thank you so much in advance.

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I took the hesi a2 in October and got a 89% in a&p. I studied the hesi a2 book by elsevier but mostly reviewed my notes and text from the course itself. There's also some books I've heard others using "anatomy and physiology made easy" so those May help as well :) good luck

I tutored A&P for 2 years at my university, then I took histology (before I decided to go into nursing). Bio 1 and 2.

Anyway, I'd recommend at least knowing the systems of the body, maybe some of the highlights of the female and male reproductive system (like 2-3 questions), The difference between Mitosis and Meiosis (i.e.: Division Multiplication vs. Division Reduction, and what that means...like, think: what would happen in meiosis if the number of chromosomes did not go from diploid to haploid?)

Personally, if I had to study for A&P I would use the old Pearson CD-Interactive disk that came with their error-filled text book. It's pretty keen stuff. Highly recommended if you can find it (it's still around, and online for sale. Amazon...)