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An international trained nurse

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Please I need help with this, which province would you recommend for an internationally trained nurse (trained in U.K.) to registered in Canada. Some provinces are more difficult than others. Please advice me on this. Thanks

Is your education generalist like a Canadian nurses? Does it contain clinical and theory in obstetrics, pediatrics and mental health nursing? If not, your education will likely be deemed non-comparable by NNAS and any provincial regulatory body you apply to will require you to undergo a competency assessment.

Oh yes my training contains clinical and theory in mental health, obstetrics and pediatric nursing. What is competence assessment.

When an IEN's NNAS report is deemed not comparable or somewhat comparable to the Canadian curricula and entry-to-practice competencies, the provincial regulatory bodies direct the applicants to undergo an evaluation that enables the IENs to demonstrate that they have the nursing knowledge, skill and judgment obtained from their nursing education and experience. Different provinces have different names for their exams, Ontario is IENCAP, BC is NCAS.bc, Sask is the SEC, Manitoba CCA.

Thanks so much

Although there are not guarantees of course, if I were to choose one now, I would choose BC. Lately it seems that BC is the most likely to license a nurse who's education was deemed "non-comparable".