An incomplete section of HESI A2?


Hey guys. I just received my HESI A2 scores on the Evolve website. I wasn't able to finish my Reading Comprehension section on time (was on my way to submit my answer), and on my Exam Results, Reading Comp is not on there.Were there directions saying if you did not complete a section, that it does not count and it is completely null? I just assumed any unanswered questions would just result in incorrect for them. If I knew this was the case, I would have just rushed to put anything... I got my results for my other needed sections and without Reading Comp, it will not fulfill my school's pre-req components for HESI. I'm feeling really uneasy about this because I was counting on only taking the HESI once and without this last section, my HESI is basically useless.

Does anyone have any information on this? Did any of you not finish a section and the score was still counted? Have any of you not finished a section before the allotted time?



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Hey Im in the same boat right now I was almost finished and now its not showing up on my HESI Report. What ever did happen did they end up counting it or did you have to retake it or just retake that section?