American River spring 2019

Nursing Students School Programs


Here we are again! Next month applications open.

How is everybody doing? This is my second time applying, but I'll also apply to Delta.

I'm not ready for the stress of checking my email every 2 minutes.

Hi! I'm also applying to ARC but for the first time. I also commented on another thread about ARC 2019 but might as well do it here too since no one's contributing. I was reading the fall 2018 thread and the waiting time seems so long. I hope the wait will be shorter than 8 weeks since spring will be just around the corner after applications are turned in, unlike fall applications.

yes I hope it's not as painful as last semester. I'm just a little confused since I am replying. The site says that I only need a couple of forms, but not all the rest of the documents. I'll call tomorrow just so I can be sure. I don't want to not get qualified just because I was confused.

Good idea, better to be clear so you don't miss anything. Are you turning in your app in person or by mail? I'm wondering if it's a good idea to mail because I don't want it to get lost.

well... I went in because I was in the area and the desk lady was a little condescending when I asked for details just in case. My guess is that she answers that question so much during applications hahah so I won't take it personal. I explained that was too much at stake to make a little mistake.

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