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American River College Nursing Program

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Hello everyone,

I had a question and everyone's input would be greatly appreciated. I currently have my CNA degree but however, I withdrew from my A&P class twice already and I am currently failing the class due to personal reasons. I notice that ARC Nursing does not have any limits on how many times you can retake the class but I am pushing forward and know I will do great moving forward. Is there still a possibility I will be accepted into the ARC nursing program?

Adri0418, ADN, BSN, RN

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It is a truly randomized process. If you go to the nursing web site and look at the statistics and breakdown for those accepted you will get a better understanding of the process. The top 1/3 of applicants with the highest points are put in the selection. So if you want to be in that selection you need to make sure you have at least 70 points or you won't be placed in the pool most likely...I would recommend keeping your science GPA pretty high. I promise you, you will use your knowledge of A and P in nursing school! You need a good understanding of it...I would also recommend going to see a counselor at ARC..there is one specifically there for nursing students, so I would ask for him. Best of Luck to you!