amedisys question


First, let me say I have read all the previous posts. Many of them are quite old and I am looking for up to date info.

I recently interviewed with Amedisys and was given an idea of what I could expect pay-wise. It just is not making sense to me and I'm trying to figure out if I have misunderstood something.

Where I am currently at I get 2X my regular rate for a SOC & ROC and 1-1/2X for a recert. At Amedisys they would pay me $11 more for a regular visit than what I currently earn. Sounds great. But, they have a flat rate for OASIS that is the same for everyone and it works out to $12 less for a ROC, $2.25 less for a recert and a SOC is $8 more. If you work at Amedisys does your office have this big a discrepancy between the regular visit rate and Oasis visits? I just assumed that at most companies if they say a SOC counts as 2 units, 2 points whatever it would mean 2X your regular visit rate. I'm being told my rate would be $40 for a regular visit but only $45 for a recert or ROC and $65 for a SOC.

Please tell me I misunderstood.

Thanks in advance for any replies.