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  1. I'm looking for samples of test result notification cards. We currently call patients with results, but we are evaluating a new system. Does anyone have any samples they could email or fax?
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    I don't have any samples or ideas for you, but you have sparked a question in my mind. Aren't these postcard type test result notification cards a confidentiality issue? Every year I get one from my OB/GYN that has my name and address on one side, and the words "HEATHER, THE RESULTS OF YOUR PAP WERE ALL WITHIN NORMAL LIMITS."

    I sure am glad my mailman knows everything is in working order

    May I suggest that if you do this, you send a normal letter, in an envelope.

  4. by   sbaldr
    We're actually going to use folded cards that are sealed for that purpose. My OB does the same thing!
  5. by   darla80
    We telephone most of the patients with reports
    However my doc has started to use email reports

    He does not have a template that I know of..but I am sure he will make one.

    We have computers in every room and utilize them frequently.

    The computer savvy patients seem to like the email reports but of course this would not work with our older patients

    Office nursing.. often fun ..always a new challenge
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