1. Hey Vailgang. Just checking on you to see how things are going. Hope things are going better. Hissy :O)
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  3. by   Vailgang
    It will be better when this person is out of my office. Since I got back from vacation during Christmas I just hate working with this girl. I must add that she called me three times while I was on vacation. There was a doctor she could have called and I told her so.

    The new office manager (the doctor's Mom) is in training. I no longer will have the title of office manager, which is okay with me. The problem is that I don't want to work with this girl anymore. She is such an air head, that is being polite. I really want to say she is a back-stabbing b**** and I don't trust her and won't forgive her, and don't like to be associate with her in the same office and to top it off she is an idiot.

    I don't like going to work because of her and not sure how long I can take it. Our office is so small that it makes it very uncomfortable and I just get madder by the minute. I know that the doctors like me and don't want me to quit. They have told me that they are going to get rid of her but the hospital likes her. They (hospital administration) are never in our office and won't listen to anything that I say. That makes me mad and feel disrespected.

    The doctors have saw seen for themselves many of the things she has done. Their brother comes in our office and witnessed her arguing with me, he shared it with his brothers. So I really don't have to worry about her being employeed with our office much longer but in the meanwhile I HATE working with her.

    I am sorry this is so long but I have just returned from work and just upset. I even have a headache. I am always worried about what I say and that she may twist my words and go to the hospital.

    Bottom line, she is still messing up and I just want her out of the office. Pray for me. Thanks for asking.