sample protocol

  1. How do you handle samples?

    Does the pt have to sign when picking up samples?

    Do you print out written instructions to give th pts with thier samples?

    Do you log out and chart samples in pt record?

    Thanks for you input

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  3. by   laurasc
    Quote from darla80
    How do you handle samples?
    Samples where I work are a joke. First off, there's not much there for such a big clinic. I'm the one who is supposed to be in charge of the samples (BIG mistake...I should never have accepted it). Drug reps don't listen and leave samples lying around everywhere and they either leave too much or not enough. I'm forever calling for more. I don't have time to go to the bathroom during the day let alone organize the samples cupboard. So it's a disorganized mess. I gave up a long time ago. The only good thing is that the patient doesn't have easy access to it.

    Quote from darla80
    Does the pt have to sign when picking up samples?
    Nope. We put a lable on the box and toss it inside a large plastic tub located at the reception desk. Anyone can come and pick up the samples, be it the patient or a family member or friend.

    Quote from darla80
    Do you print out written instructions to give th pts with thier samples?
    Nope. Most cases samples are medication refills for patients who cannot afford to buy the meds. They've been on them for a while and already know how to take them.

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    Do you log out and chart samples in pt record?
    Log out the med you mean? No. Half the time we don't know what's in the sample cupboard. Do we chart in the patient records? I do, but many don't.
  4. by   antigone_eriksen
    Our samples are in a locked med closet. I could use more shelf space- we are a new practice and getting doors on some of the rooms right now is the higher priority.
    That being said: drug reps are met at the front desk and are not allowed past it. Samples have to be left with me. Our policy is to enter lot numbers, quantity recieved and expiration dates. Pharmaceutical company name and rep's name is also recorded. Samples are given directly to the patient by the physician or per his direction by the nurse. Sample name, lot number are listed in the patient chart. There are problems getting the doc to consistently list the information in the chart. I also get a copy of the pharmaceutical reps requisition for the drug book.
    I know it sounds detailed. We are a growing practice in a small vermont town.
  5. by   darla80
    what type opf practice is it?

    Have you wroked in an office previously? Do you like it?

    I helped my doc start his practice six years ago ,.. we have really grown and I usually Love it.. however I am still the only nurse and we need more help

    But the patients ..they make it all worthwhile

    Sounds cold in Vermont?
    Let us know how things go!!

    Joy and Smiles * Darla
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    We handle samples very much like narcs. They are logged and counted daily. The have to be ordered by a physician, labeled as if it were coming from a pharmacy and given to the patient with verbal and written instructions by the MD. (in a childproof container) In NY it is against the law for anyone other than a physician or pharmacist to dispense medication. We keep a log of all samples given and it is written in the pt's chart. Some of our clinics have a PXYSIS system so it does everything for them. For them it is easy, for us it is quite an ordeal.