1. The Physican is going on vacation for a week.. I am a LPN and I will be left with a receptionist and office manager. The physican stated in a office meeting Friday, that I was to renew rescriptions except narcotics for anyone that called and requested a new RX while he is out on vacation. This doesn't sound legal to me. Does anyone no if it is legal and has anyone had this request put to them before? If so how did they handle it...


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  3. by   Vailgang
    What kind of physician do you work for? How long have you worked for him? I work for a neurosurgeon and he has taught me which medications I should fill and which ones not to. He also has to co-sign every medication that I refill. We have a standard form for me to go by which helps me alot, it is like it is a standard order like in the hospital. I know that I was very nervous when I started filling medication when he was not in the office so that was my idea. If it was a standard routine order than I felt like I was covered. Have you ever worked on the floor in a hospital? The doctors have standard routine orders that the nurses use instead of having to be called all the time. I am not sure what is legal and what isn't. How do you normally handle refill prescriptions? Is there another doctor covering for him while he is gone that you could ask a question if needed. Let me know how you handle this.
  4. by   maikranz
    It's called practicing medicine without a license. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!
    S/He can arrange with the doc who's covering to handle those call-ins!!!!
    Standing orders are different.
  5. by   Jeansky
    In my office I REFILL rx's all the time!
    I do not feel this is practicing Medicine....I am only renewing meds that are ordered....like BP meds , hormones,anti-inflam,etc..and they are out and need more..If it is clearly stated in chart that these meds are routime for the patient and the doctor is away he has given me orders to re order the medication.
    I do not re order narc's...I get those order's from the doc's on call.
    I have worked in my office 6 years and I do know what I can re order and what I can't....