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  1. Hello. I'm an RN just starting out in a pediatric office. I am used to working with adults and haven't worked in a pediatric setting prior to this aside from nursing school clinicals. Any advice out there that may help on blood draws, immunizations as well as family/pt interaction with little one's? I've got the basics down just wondering if there is anything that might make things go a little smoother. Thanks!
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  3. by   vamedic4
    Distraction techniques are wonderful. If you have toys that make noise or pinwheels...anything children can focus on is good, it keeps their attention away from what you're trying to do. Bubble stuff is good, let them blow it and watch or you can do it for them.

    Not too long ago I was putting an IV in an 8 y/o Down's patient who was quite a handful during previous attempts on other days. My charge nurse and the patient's nurse held him as he sat up and sang with him while I put his IV in. He didn't jump, yell, nothing...just kept on singing.

    It all depends on your patient. Some children aren't easily fooled, and some are inconsolable.

    Good luck to you!!