New LPN and starting a clinic job - any advice??

  1. I recently got hired at a family practice office. This will be my first job as an LPN, and I'm extremely nervous! Is there anything I could study up on (for instance, what I'll tend to see/deal with a lot) before I start? I'll also draw that pretty easy to catch on to?

    I would love any kind of advice! I don't want to walk in there looking like a total idiot!!

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    i also started out as a new LPN working in a fam practice office. things to study up on include: immunization schedules, coumadin therapy, injectables such as Depo shots. The physician I work with does a lot of simple proceedures such as mole removals, so I use my sterile technique quite often. You will also want to keep a current drug book handy for answering med questions from patients. There are so many things to learn and most of them are not in textbooks. :spin: It can be a very rewarding field to work in...but be prepared for some frustrations as well. if I can answer any more questions for you, let me know.
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    Hi, venepuncture( drawing blood ) is very easy but you need to know your anatomy of the veins so you dont go in the artery, I have taken my phlebotomy training and the best piece of advice i was given was feel for the vein by pressing gently across the area it should feel bouncy but if you feel a pulse youve got the artery so dont stab there. there are some good guidelines printed in journals just type in venepuncture into database. When you take blood for the first time smile at patient and look confident, you will be fine.