My new office job (LONG)

  1. I have already bored Vailgang with this saga, but I thought I would bore the rest of you and see if you have any input or suggestions for me.

    This past week was my first week as a pediatric office nurse. I am the only RN, the other two nurses are LPNs. NO ONE knew I was going to be starting Monday morning until I got there Monday morning! Needless to say, I did not get the most warm welcome from the other two nurses. I think they both thought they were in danger of losing their jobs and I can't blame them. The doc had a staff meeting during lunch to explain what I was ultimately going to be doing there - patient education so that he might see more patients and still feel parents were getting the teaching they needed. He is awesome about spending lots of time with parents, but it cuts down on how many kids he can see a day.

    The other two nurses have not been there for more than a few months, themselves. The one that basically runs the back has been there since May. Both of these nurses have had pediatric experience before, and office experience before. I have had neither. I did not get much of an orientation, just started bringing patients back, doing vitals, height, s/s, etc. No one helps me much, yet when I do something the wrong way, or don't do something I should have done, both nurses get irritated. One even got irked that I used the wrong damn cleaning solution to wash the floors one evening! The other thing I am having a hard time with is that they get rather moody when they think we are busy. I haven't had a day yet that I have felt was that busy. Mostly we are just standing in the back waiting for patients! I sometimes want to tell them what busy "really" is, and it ain't what they are doing. I am not putting down office nurses, because I know there are practices that are EXTREMELY busy, but this is not one of them. Not yet in my experience, anyway.

    I also have been feeling that I am not doing anything of any consequence. While I was in the hospital, I had moments were I felt I was doing good. When a patient's eyes would light up when *I* entered the room, it was a great feeling. Or when I relieved a cancer patient's pain and she was so happy she was dancing in the bed. Those kind of things made me feel I was doing something worthwhile. I have not felt like that in the office. I do realize I am new and take that into consideration. I am also waiting to start working with the doc himself, after I am oriented to the other job. I think I am going to talk to him Monday and ask that I be allowed to start doing other things the week after Thanksgiving. And I am going to suggest a better orientation program as well. A woman in the front office told me she experienced the same thing.

    I think I am finished whining now. If anyone has any input about my situation or suggestions to make things easier, I would appreciate it. I have been having nightmares for the past several nights, I think it's anxiety. I have taken a HUGE paycut to take this job and I am already feeling unhappy. Even when I had bad days at the hospital, I was never unhappy there. And I felt welcomed immediately at the hospital too. I realize it is probably not fair to compare, but it is hard not to. Hospital work is all I've ever known, even before I had my RN.

    Thanks for listening to me whine,

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  3. by   darla80
    Take heart Laura ..Let me encourage you a little.

    It sounds like you have encountered a difficult scene with the "old " nurses.

    You are right ...they may feel threatened but this should pass as they begin to recognize your role in the office.

    Shame on the doc for not telling them about you!!
    That was a little unfair to you ..but but his lack of communication is not surprising.

    Every once in awhile my Doc does this sort of thing. He thinks he already informed the office of a major change and OOPS things sneak up on us. One time unbeknownst to me or anyone else he had agreed to clinicals for NP in training. She came in plopped in my chair and said "I am here" She directly impacted the office flow but we learned to work it out.

    You are right to talk with the doctor about your concerns and expectations. Is this a male doctor?

    I ask the gender question because most men are not good at "figuring out " what we as women/ nurses want or need.

    So it is best to try to determine your needs and expectations right from the start and then share share share.
    After all he hired you..I feel certain he will want to know about your expectations and then try make it happen
    In the office this "nurse doctor team" relationship is wonderful!!

    Regarding: "Feeling like you make a difference" That will come in a big way.

    Parents are often frightened about illness and sometimes have no idea what to even expect in well baby visit....they willl be happy there is a nurse in the office they can rely on.

    Give it a month or so.. they will start calling and asking for "Laura" ... the nurse who can answer thier questions.

    You will be appreciated and I am sure hugged by children and parents alike!!

    Hang in there Laura.. vent anytime.. it is good for the soul!!

    Hey Laura call bells, no NG tubes, no emesis, no IV infiltrates this Thanksgiving!!!

    Have Blessed Thanksgiving. Keep us posted about your job!!!

    Joy and Smiles *DARLA**
  4. by   canna42
    Hi Laura..This is the second week for me in a new office job. I had worked for 25yrs in hospitals so this is new to me. The paperwork is daunting. So many medicare/medicaid rules for reinbursment. Sooooo many nurse calls for prescriptions renewals or wanting new meds.The doc I work for is great. He is real easy going..nice towork with. The only "politics" type problem I have come across is from the other docs nurses. They don't think it is fair that our doc got a second nurse...they say they see much more patients so they should have a third nurse. Actually I agreed with them. Their doc has long history..tons of patients. My doc has only 3 yrs practice in our area so is still building his practice. So far I have only heard little snatches of whining to business office worry is tht they would try to move me to other docs practice. I don't really care for other doc..he is type he wants butt kissers...that is not me. I don't mind making coffee since I am a coffee drinker but I am not a door mat for anyone. Hopefully they will atleast get part-time nurse and leave me alone. Good luck Laura!