Lubricating jelly

  1. Tomorrow is April Fool's day. If you're looking for good practical joke ideas in honor of the day, I have two words for you.....Lubricating Jelly! It's the ultimate's clear, cold and gooey. You can squirt it virutally anywhere. Phones are great as is the bathroom door knob...inside the bathroom ofcourse.

    Not too long ago I boobietrapped one of the receptionists rubber thimble (you know the thingy you put on your finger so you could handle paper easily) by filling it with lube jelly. It backfired tho....she put the thing on and didn't even flinch.

    Ah well.....

    Just a thought. Hope you all have a great day!
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  3. by   darla80
    thanks Laura

    I love a good joke and I hve a great sense of humour but I rarely think up the unusual ...

    Have a great day!!