I'm such a sap!

  1. Bear with me, this is just a vent.

    I was talking to a young mom today, her baby is handicapped with multiple problems and her husband is just getting over CA. She has to work full time and take baby to endless doctor's appointments. In other words, she's overwhelmed. I really feel for her. So today I told her that I had been thinking about her lately and that I knew she was going through a lot. We talked at length. I ended our conversation by telling her that if she ever needed anyone to talk to, yell at or just vent on, I'm available for her. Well, as I told her all this I could feel myself getting all choked up. I managed to control it, but I did get a little misty.

    I'm such a sap!!! How professional does that look? I mean, mom held it together better than I did! It's just that my heart breaks for her and I almost feel like I can't do enough for her.

    Call me Misty, the Sappy RN.

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  3. by   susanmary
    Laura (aka Misty/the sappy RN), you're a kind, compassionate nurse who cares about your patients -- empathizing with your patient does not make you a sap. You are a human being FIRST, then a nurse. Even if you shed a few tears in front of your patient, that is not the most unprofessional thing you could do. Although you let her know you were there to support her, you did not act in an unprofessional (or overinvolved) capacity. I'm proud of you and the kind of person/nurse you are. You're a great role model and credit to our profession.

  4. by   laurasc
    Thanks! I feel better. It's just that sometimes my heart breaks for these parents and I feel really helpless.