Happy Nurses Week!!

  1. I want to take a minute and send all the clinic nurses a heartfelt
    wish for a week of respect and grattitude for all that you do!!

    In the clinic we may not start IV's, empty bedpans, answer call lights, insert NG tubes, hang blood, push IV meds, insert catheters, prep people for OR, do discharge teaching etc etc

    But in the clinic we do spend time with our patients and we impact thier world in a very personal way

    We assess those that come into our offices with a skilled eye and a heart filled with compassion. We educate patients, we answer a million questions (often via the phone), we prepare them for tests and we hold thier hands during difficult times. We give hugs as well as medical advice.

    WE the clinic nurses make a tremendous difference in the health and well being of our patients!

    I am proud to share this post board with some of the finest nurses in the world!!

    Accolades to all of you!!!!

    Happy Nurses Week

    JOy and Smiles *Darla**
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  3. by   nynurse22
    Hi Darla. I wanted to thank you for the positive and encouraging message. I am a clinic nurse and I love what I do. I wouldn't trade it for hospital work anyday!
    Happy Nurse's week!!!

    Proud to be a nurse.....
  4. by   darla80
    well another nurses week is almost over and I feel proud of the person that nursing enables me to be

    we can shine ON illuminating the path to Good Health !!!!