1. Hi everyone. I need some advice, thoughts on what to do given my current situation.

    I took a position as a part-time clinic RN a little over a year ago at a small family practice. When I first started the agreement was that I would work one day with one provider and my next day would be with another provider, for a total of two workdays a week. This was an ideal situation for me, as I have two young children and part-time work seems to work best, which my employer was aware of at the time I was hired.

    Not long after I began working, I was asked by the clinic manager if I could add a third day of work with yet another provider. I was able to work my childcare out to were I could accommodate the change in my schedule, and so now I work three days with three different provider. I finally feel like I have each of these provider and the way they like to do things figured out and the schedule has worked very well with childcare and still having time with my family. I have also been able to cover some additional days when I have been asked.

    So, here is my dilemma. I recently heard from some of the other employees that the clinic manager was looking to hire an additional employee to cover vacations etc. Last Friday, I had my annual review, and I asked the clinic manager during my interview about this new employee and the schedule. This is when I was informed that my schedule would be change from three consecutive work days doing patient care, to non-consecutive work days and one of my days with a provider being changed to a day of completing paperwork for the MDs. I said that I preferred consecutive days. Her response was that she had to keep the other employees hours consistent with their benefits. My response, my benefit is consecutive days, as I do not get employee benefits, other than my paycheck.

    Needless to say I am upset that not only am I losing a day doing patient care, which I love, but that in addition my schedule is being moved around to create hours for the new employee. I am upset that I was not asked first if I could work additional hours, which I would be willing to do, rather losing hours of patient care.

    Today, I approached the manager regarding my concerns, again. I was told that my schedule is changing because I am not flexible. What? I am so confused. I have often covered shifts, adjusted my schedule and have only called in two days since I became an employee. I informed management that I am not able to work non-consecutive work days and was told that it will happen anyway!

    A little background on the clinic manager and how things are run. The manager is what some may call an authoritarian. There have been times where schedule changes have been made without first talking to the employees to see if the change(s) work for them. There have been incidences of other employees calling in for personal days and those reason becoming know to others (including one employee being admitted to the JU).

    We all have our personal lives outside of work, however, most of us are able to act professional at work and do not bring our dysfunctions to the workplace, this does not seem to be the case with our "leader". As another example, we recently had a nurse meeting, where the clinic bought all of the back-staff lunch. When the manager entered the room, we all thanked her for our lunch---no response(?).
    I could give more example as this behavior is "normal". I am sick of it!!!

    Anyway, I would love to hear your suggestions. I would quit, but I need the money.

    By the way, my review went well, and I even got a raise.
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  3. by   monkeelouise
    Start putting out feelers for another job, or everyone works for the MDs, feel them out, let them know these scheduling changes are inconsistent with your employment agreement and cause a hardship. You have already discussed this with the clinic manager, you are not going behind her back, just to the next authority level.
  4. by   snoozie64
    Pie in the sky, but maybe you should ask if the manager would provide you a good recommendation for another position within the same facility? One that works with your life balance better? I mean, a raise and a good performance review mean something, right? Plus I'm sure there are other positions available within the health system where you work. Break out of your comfort zone and explore some other options, like monkeelouise said.... What's the worse thing that could happen? you have to stay where you are?