(#@!^&!!) Pollinex!!!

  1. Can someone PLEEEASE tell me what the :angryfire trick is to giving that stuff without it blocking the needle??? I've tried giving it after it sat at room temp for a couple of hours (as is directed), tried with it a little cold and even right out of the fridge. I gave up on the 27g needle and give it almost exclusively with the 25g 5/8 needle. I've changed the needle with no avail. I've even tried giving it posteriorly in the arm (where the skin and fat is really soft). I've tried giving it at a 45 degree angle and 90 degree. No matter what I do, 50% of all the shots I give block and I end up having to stab the poor patient another time. (one poor man had to get 4 shots from me...which wasn't as bad as the prior week, the doc had to do it 7 times)

    I don't know what to do anymore. That stuff is thick, but I've injected thick serum before (like testosterone) without all this hassle. It's like there's little bits of matter in the serum and I can actually see a piece blocking the end of the needle.

    Anyone find a way to inject it without it blocking??? (BTW, the prefilled syringes are great, it's the vials that cause all the problems!)

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