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I am a college student, I have done plenty of classes but I have not done any of the pre-reqs since I just made the decision of going into nursing school for the ADN program. I was looking on their website and from what I understand, having completed a&p and microbiology helps you get a higher score for the overall score but are not needed. I will call them tomorrow morning to get some answers but I would love to hear experiences from current students. has anyone been accepted without the science courses? is it really hard to get in? please I would appreciate any information or experience as far as their application and acceptance process. Thank you.


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I am sure you have already called and received the answers you were looking for but, I went to the orientation last month and what you are/were wondering is correct. It was kind of surprising to see that those science course weren't required and would be covered in the program, most programs require all of that done already. However, I suspect many students will have already done those courses for that exact reason, if applying to multiple programs they would likely need to have already taken those science classes.

Since their list or pre-reqs are shorter do you now qualify and plan on applying this fall? I take the entrance exam on November 3rd.