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So I am super anxious im getting my LPN, but drew blood from a patient, I had gloves on and opened/picked up the cleaning wipe to wipe a chair down after with the same gloves I had on when I stuck the patient and my thumb started to burn super bad but I panicked and didn't look at the glove and just took it off and started squeezing my finger there was no blood and no visible mark at the time, showed my instructor she said I probably scraped it opening the wipes container and that she didn't see anything so not to worry and that I wouldve felt it if I got stuck by a dirty needle with the patient but I cannot stop thinking about it. And when I got home I put my thumb on a flash light and you can see a deeper line that could be needle sized, that looks like a scrape. It only shows up when my thumb is pressed into the light. What are your thoughts ? I even took a clean needle and tried to replicate it on a different finger because I'm anxious but a poke wound looks different than a scrape but the scrape I probably wouldve had to have pushed the needle kinda hard to do..when I put hand sanitizer on it didn't burn or anything though but I'm kinda freaking out, and IDK what to do. It definitely looked like a scrape the size of a needle. It wouldve happened where my thumb was holding the gauze down as I took the needle out. No blood from my finger. And my instructor just kept telling me that I would notice a needle stick and that there would be blood but I feel like I wouldnt, I was not scared or over thinking like this until I felt a wound. it is too late for pep now and because my instructor didn't see anything the school would not have paid for it and my insurance doesnt cover it. I cannot even get a picture of the wound it's so small but it's there. And now I do not know what to do. I was so excited about this career path but now I am scared because if it was a needle stick it was not taken seriously, but I could be way over thinking it. 


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Yes, you are overreacting. It is a scrape, not a wound. If it was a wound, most likely there would have been some blood. Since there was no blood, there was no possibility of infection. 

If you really need to know, I guess you can go to your doctor and ask for a regular check up, including blood work. Your insurance should cover regular annual physical check ups. 

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