Am I in over my head?

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I recently was offered a HH position for RN prn skilled nursing visits. I graduated 2 years ago, but do not have much hospital experience. I tried med/surg for a couple of months but just hated it and couldn't function on nights. My other experience includes working in an orthopedic clinic, mainly phone triage but some face-to-face patient visits with post-op care; Nephrology clinic which was just phones and monitoring labs for renal patients. My current full-time job (which I am keeping), is working as a school nurse at a specialized school where I am in a clinic with other nurses. In the school setting, I mainly pass meds, look at ears and throats, g-tube meds, and nebulizers. Without having the one-year med-surg or critical experience, do you think I will survive in home health? Thanks

On the weekends, I am assuming? Daily wound cares, prn vac-assisted wound cares, admissions - - what type of orientation are you expecting??

HH is not easy, and you will be on your own. I worked in an agency that provided a lengthy orientation to newbies - will you be able to get a two or three week orientation? That is a minimum!

Best wishes!

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