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Hi, I'm Charlie. I am 19 and will be going back to college this coming fall 2020 semester to dig myself out of the whole I currently reside in. 🤡 (Heres some back story on what's happening)

- so I went to college for about 2 years in high school with my MOWR (dual enrollement)program. I was aiming to be a nutrition major at the time (but now have obviously changed my mind LOL).

-I did .. OK .. in college during high school (keep in mind I was taking classes like Micro Econ and College Algebra before even taking the high school equivalent. After having a bad case of 'senioritus' (basically just being lazy the semester before graduating) and making my first C and 2 F's in my life ... I graduated with a 3.31 GPA (after previously having had a 3.7 something) and a 3.01 HOPE Scholarship GPA.

-I did not know this at the time, but my parents were aware of the fact that I have SEVERE ADHD. And now looking back, I am pretty proud of myself for maintaining a ~3.7 GPA through high school while attending college full time my last year (while having untreated ADHD). anyways... you get the point... I am just rambling at this point.

-so enter my first official year of college (fall 2019). I get hit with some pretty serious stuff surrounding my adoption/bio parents... which leads to depression leads to me deciding to drop out of school. *** I was not in the right state of mind to be making that big of a decision, but it happened and I don't regret it and learned/grew a lot in that time***

-Fast forward ayear later and I have been seeing a therapist, have been treated for ADHD and OCD, and am back feeling better than ever before.

-I decided (now in a much more stable state of mind) to go back to school and pursue the profession I had always dreamed of but never dared to pursue (closed minded parents + me being a male) ... Nursing.

-Thankfully I had not technically dropped out of school when I left. I am still an enrolled student at my university and have signed up to retake all of the failed courses from that semester.

**My school offers a forgiveness program where I can retake my classes and my highest score will be my GPA for that university.** My HOPE GPA (a Georgia academic scholarship) however will take into account All of my attempted hours... making it hard to get back my Scholarship. (but that's OK... I just want an education and am willing to pay for it!!)

-I have seen/read stories of people who had the same GPA as me and or similar situation... who got into nursing schools ... but I am sceptical.

-I will have an overall 3.2 GPA (looking at only my highest scores from each class) after retaking this semester. I have luckily not taken many nursing preqs (eng 1101 - C (the semester I had senioritus), eng 1102 - A, math 111 - B, precalc - F(the semester I "dropped out"), PSYC 1101 - A)

🙋🏻‍♂️ so... all of this to ask. What are my chances of being accepted into a nursing program after retaking and doing well in all my preqs?

**(I am a pretty good student (3.7 high school GPA before I got lazy the last semester) and know I will do well in the classes (especially now that I am medicated) ***

➡️ I have been getting mixed messages from various school advisors I've called in Ga. Some say they look at only science and nursing preq GPA and some say cumulative GPA...

I just need some advice or inspiration for my journey ahead


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