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Ok. So I really want to be a CRNA. It's certainly the reason I even went into nursing. As I am finishing up my ADN program with 55 days left, I am also planning for my BSN education. I am currently in an 16 month accelerated program, no breaks. I am what you would call burned out... I'm strictly operating on cruise control lacking all the motivation I began with but I'm making it. NOW, I know that you can not have this same attitude in CRNA school and I feel like if I am dying now, what will I do in a 3 year CRNA program?

I started thinking, I may not have what it takes. I observed a C-Section. It clicked again, I really want to do this. Everyone keeps asking me so have you considered a specialty? And I keep thinking, yeah Anesthesia. But there so much to do before I get there. Do I have it in me? Can I put my family through 3 years of CRNA school?

Can I afford not to work for 3 years? I think about this everyday. EVERYDAY. I'm trying to come up with a plan to make this happen. My kids will be so happy to have me back and to think about deserting them again. My husband threatened to leave during Med Surg III because he was "unhappy" and I wasn't giving him any attention. I feel like if I go forward, it would be selfish. But I really want to do this.

I don't know what to do. I don't even have a BSN yet and I'm already stressing.

well, from most people's posts that I read, they all say go for it. remember that you are gonna have a few years while finishing up your bsn and getting experience before you are even ready to apply to crna school, so you have time to make up time with your family. the kids will be older which could be better or worse, maybe old enough to talk about educational goals and the importance of them to you? same thing with your hubby....

I don't think you need to stress to bad at this stage about how awful time commitment to the fam will be during crna school-only because it is far away, and you have lots to do before you get i said time to spend with the fam and prepare them. i understand about stressing about it though, i am 3 years from applying myself and i do think about the impact on my family, esp as it can seem selfish to me at times to have to spend less time with the kids (i feel this way ever since I had a child die a few years ago, ever decision i make that takes me away from spending time with them kinda hurts still)...but on the other hand, i think about the 60-70 hour a week commitment that crna school is, and well, i work 60 hours a week mostly now....that makes it easier to deal with in my head...

anyway, hope you are able to destress and find a way to make it work for you...


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I also am an extreme forthinker like you. :thnkg:I don't have a family at home, but I do think I can loan you some perspective. Especially in the money field. It will be very hard to support children and pay for a CRNA. I would suggest working a year or two longer than your req. 2 years. Pocket that money and save it for school. You will still need loans but the last thing your family needs during CRNA is to be worried about money. I also think miss nurse has a point. If you start working as an RN and 60-70hrs a week is too much to be away from the kids, then it might not be a good idea to do CRNA until the kids are older (read: school aged).

My parents both were workaholics, and once I was in school it was much better for me. I went to school all day, came home to a babysitter then around 7 my parents were home and they made a point to give me at least 2 hours of attention before bed. The summers were tougher, but I dont regret their career choices. I wasn't "raised by the babysitter", which I think is a parents foremost concern. Plus, once your kids re in school, they will have regimented bedtimes that will allow you some quality time with your husband too.

I think one last important thing to note here is that this is your dream. Just because you have children doesnt mean you should give up on the things you want. That doesn't make you selfish, it makes you human. Also, one of the side affects of the goal-satisfying CRNA profession is the money. You will double your salary. I know money doesnt buy happiness, but it sure makes life easier. You can afford to send your kids to college, live in a nice house, drive a reliable car. Financial security is a precious commodity and your family will be much better off in the long run. It will be 3 tough years, but when you feel selfish, just think about how much your being a CRNA will help your family! You will be a happy, fulfilled parent, you won't have to worry about whether you can really afford new sneakers for school, and once your a CRNA your hours will be lighter and you will have time for them!


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Thanks for your responses, I met a CRNA just yesterday and approached her with a few questions,


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Thanks for your responses, I actually met a 34 y/o CRNA yesterday and was able to pick her brains a bit. She was very reassuring as you all were as well. She allowed me to come into the OR and see things from her perspective, introduced me to the anesthesiologist and explained everything that was going on pertaining to her responsiblilities and again ... very exciting business! I know I may need more time in the O.R, but I'm certain that this is where I want to be. She said things that I'd already said to myself like... as a bedside nurse it was O.K, but it was definetely something I knew I couldn't do for the next 30 years. Now, I really, really love my job. I'm happy. She also said to start preparing for CRNA now. Start getting my family prepared, start getting my finances ready, start thinking about how long I will work in ICU 1 year minimum or 2-3 years to gain more comfort; start thinking about which school offers the best program for me and so many more things that yes I have already been thinking about. SO my motivation... which was never gone, is back. Preparation is key.

I discussed things again with my husband yesterday and he says he will be supportive of my dream.

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