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Alzheimers Medication

Nursie30 Nursie30 (Member)

The son stopped by to visit his father and to find out what the doctor had said about his fathers recent forgetfullness.

The son asked him what the doctor said, and the father said the doctor had put him on a new medication to help with his memory, and it seemed to be working pretty good.

The son asked the father what the medication was called, his father thought for a minute,"Oh, what's the name of that flower that people give to you on special occasions?" the son looked puzzled and said,"A carnation?"

"No, they have red ones, and pink ones, and usually sell them by the dozen," the father said.

"Are you thinking of a Rose?" his son asked.

"Yeah, that's it,"his father said excitedly.

Then he turned and yelled at his wife in the other room and said,"Rose, what's the name of that medication the doctor put me on?"

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