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Hi All. I am wanting to submit an application next year for the Vocational Nursing program at Alvin Community College. When I was reviewing the application requirements, the packet explained there is no GPA requirement because there are no prerequisites required. The application is based off of your HESI test scores. Has anyone been accepted to this program with only their HESI test scores? As in you completed the other packet requirements, took your HESI, submitted your packet, and gained acceptance into the program? Seems a little too easy.

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That's exactly what I did. I bought a hesi review book and looked over it about 2 weeks. I scheduled the exam as early as possible to give myself one more chance to retake it if I did terrible. I scored a 91% composite. The only "hard" part was the A&P it brought my average down significantly. Study that section well and the math. There's bonus points in admissions for better than 85% on the math.

i had no prerequisites done and had no standardized test scores since I didn't graduate from a traditional high school. This year they began requiring LVNs to take the TSI and place as college ready if they don't have an exemption so after the program was already underway when that rule changed I had to go and take the TSI , I felt it was harder than the hesi but I did place just fine.

You can do this program without prerequisites or any college experience, however , it's hard. Myself and about 15 others in the program had to take a concurrent A&P for allied health class during the summer semester. It's a tough class to do in 11 weeks on top of your nursing classes! You have to be really prepared and organized.

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Thank you for the input! Which study guide did you use for the HESI? I saw ACC recommends this one:

Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3rd Edition, Mar 06, 2012 (ISBN: 9781455703333)


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Hi Silly Girly,

I am applying to the VN program to start Summer 2020. I wanted to see if you could please give me some tips to prepare myself?