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Alternatives to Nursing Committees/Councils (Shared Governance)?

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Do you use shared governance approach for nursing decision-making? I'm trying to find an alternative(s) to this method. Do you have nursing commitees or councils in your hospital? If so, what do these committees/councils deal with (i.e. policies, procedures, recruitment/retention, documentation, etc.)? Do staff members participate? Who writes/reviews nursing policies and procedures? Do they find the time to participate? How much time is allocated for such functions? I am interested in finding a new approach for accomplishing the many functions/requirment nurses must fulfill and be involved in yet be realistic about the amount of time to do it. We are an acute care hospital with an average census of approximately 80. Any ideas or suggestions?

At our facility, we have a central standars committee which meets once a month for an 8 hour day. There are representatives from all areas of patient care and they actually will write or update policies. We also have a professional practice committee which meets on a bi-monthly basis to hash over problem areas with administrative representatives. This is all part of the quality program.

We started Shared Governance at our hospital about 4 years ago. Although it is time consuming I feel it is very worthwhile. Because of this the nurses at our hospital that are willing to give the time have a very loud voice in what happens with policies and procedures. Because of our Recruitment and Retention Council we now have weekend differential and the shift differential was raised substantially. Because of our Education and Research Council we now have Grand Rounds once a month and a Nursing Scholarship for new or continuing nurses. Sure it takes a lot of time but the rewards are well worht it as far as I'm concerned

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