Alternatives to Current Techniques Nurses Use to Prevent Back Injuries


Hello! I am a MSN student at WGU working on my Capstone and desire to survey nurses regarding Prevention of Back Injuries

The research method used for this study is a Likert scale survey developed by the researcher for the purpose of gaining an understanding of the level of knowledge floor nurses possess when protecting their spines from patient care related injuries. Surveyed nurses who have agreed to participate will be asked to explain using a 5 point Likert scale, their thoughts and current understanding of proper body mechanics as well as their awareness of the mechanical lifting equipment at their disposal and the ease of use of such equipment. Nurses will also be asked if they have ever experienced an injury to their spine/back while providing patient care. The need for human subject participants is to interview practicing nurses to collect data regarding how they view back safety and what steps they are willing to take to lengthen their career.

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