Alternative to WGU BioChem


Hello All,

Ive read that many people are having trouble with WGU biochemistry class. I wanted to let you all know about an online alternative through Doane university, their classes start about 5 times a year and although the class is about 15 hundred it is discussion based with a final at the end. I know that you will have to take it prior to applying to WGU because the school does not allow you to transfer in classes after you have begun but I figured it was a pretty cool alternative. Best of luck to all of you pursuing an RN!

Hey I would like to ask you a question pertaining to your experience in Medlife school of nursing? How was it for you? did you pass? how much was it? did you have to travel to fl? if so how frequently? what classes did you take? thank you so much.


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It was cool for me I liked it, it worked for me ass a tradional brick and morter school was out the question for me. Again too each its own you have to know how you learn. I passed the program and will be sitting my nclex soon Im currently doing Kaplan, the cost ranges on what classes you need so everyone is different. I went to FL twice once in the beginning then in the end to test out however again if you cant find preceptors you will be there more frequently. Good luck on your journey