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Hi! Let me tell you things here in New Jersey are going crazy. We are SOOOOOOO short staffed every where that we are all getting burned out.

Anyway I have found a great way, through a great agency to be very diversified. Its not for everyone...but many of you may like to try it.

I am an LPN who makes $24.00 an hour. RNs start at $29.00 an hour. I pick and chose my assignments. I can go to a clinic, hospital, LTC facility, MD's office...anywhere I choose. Also, if I find a facility or place that I like I ask them to ask for me again or I ask if they have anything (through my agency). I get paid weekly, health benefits are available and I can work when and where I want. I don't have to deal with "backstabbing" or office/ administration politics. I can concentrate on my patient's and their total care when I am there. This is wonderful. It has really reduced my stress level tremendously. Normally when you go through agency the work is "hot and cold", but not can request long term placement, short term placement or per diem placement. It really works. If anyone is interested, let me know. They are looking in Southern Monmonth and Northern (to Toms River) Ocean County right now. Good luck all!!!

I found your post interesting and would like to know what agency you work for. I live in NJ (Camden Co) and am considering leaving my current position in Philadelphia

Originally posted by PaRN:

I found your post interesting and would like to know what agency you work for. I live in NJ (Camden Co) and am considering leaving my current position in Philadelphia

Hi, I currently recruit for an agency called Intelistaf, formally Olsten Staffing. They staff hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home or private duty. They start their RNs out at $29/hr. Not really sure what they have in your area, but can find out. If not try General Healthcare Resources in Burlington...I've worked for them in the past and they are excellent. Don't have their # offhand, sorry. Anyway if you know anyone in the Monmouth, Ocean or Atlantic County that is looking for work, please let me know...I'd really like to put them to work. Let General Healthcare Resources know that "Liz Ginocchio" referred you. Thanks and good luck. Let me know what is going on!!

Have you tried being a self employed Nurse? This is what several of us have done in Richmond Va. after we went the route of agency. Check out our ite at

I am also a New Jersey Nurse found info interesting. I enjoy Community Health Nursing. Although no $$$ Thats where I am. Mark I am also a Nurse Consultant from New Jersey waiting for your Consulting Page. If anyone feels that they were Called to be a nurse or knows someone who feels this way and is a nurse journalist, PLEASE read my 2/11/01 post on (Is There a Nurse Ghostwriter)

I have left my old nursing job and gone agency too. I agree with you that the flexibility and diversity is great! I just worked 12 hours at 27/hr for a local county jail. I was very scared before my shift started, but had the best nursing time of my career. I would go back there anytime.........Agency is OK.........I swore I would never do agency.......but here I am having the time of my life.........and making money too. :cool:

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