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Alternative Career for Unemployed Nurses

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Because of the unemployment that nurses are facing here in the Philippines, I think it would also be a good move to have an alternative career that still uses your medical background as a nurse rather than being unemployed.

One good choice is to be a medical transcriptionist. As an unemployed nurse myself, I decided to take up MT Course and I've been working as a transcriptionist for the past 3 years. For medical-allied professionals like us, we get to finish the course faster than regular students (w/o medical background).

If you have any questions about this field, feel free to ask me and I will try to answer as best as I can to help other unemployed nurses out there.

If you are interested with the MT School where I took up MT Course, I can also give you their contact information.

Hi, im interested. How much would it cost to finish the MT course? And what university would that be?


Has 3 years experience.

Medical transcription schools aren't really university as they are only short courses specially for medical allied professionals. Mine took just 5 weeks. Other people took just 4. I don't remember the exact amount but it was less than 20k. Maybe 18k.

I took my MT Course at OTSI.

Here is their site for more information. MT Institute

Are you from the south? If you want to inquire more about their MT Program you can also inquire directly. They are located at 3/F R.R. Gonzales Building, 467 Real Street (Alabang-Zapote Road)

Las Pinas City. That is right across SM Southmall.

You can give them a call at 836-0313 or e-mail them at mtinstitute@otsiinc.com

As an overview of the course that they are offering, you can also check out their FAQ page: http://www.otsiinc.com/schoolfaq.html

Thank you so much for the info. Will be checking their site :)

There are a lot of jobs aside from bedside nursing and most nurses are totally unaware of them! For an instance, I worked as a nurse coordinator in a teleradiology company. It's not the same as bedside nursing where you personally care for patients, do nursing activities and all that but clinically wise, it is. It requires good computer skills, analyzation,critical thinking and prioritization. It's worth it and I don't think I've wasted my degree in Nursing. This is also good for nurses who really are not into Nursing but don't want to be underemployed.


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