Already have a previous Bachelor's degree-- BSN program or ADN


Hey everyone!

I already have my BS in Kinesiology. I wanted to know thoughts and ideas about whether I should get my BSN or ADN, since I already have one Bachelor's degree.

I've applied to the only two state schools in my state with BSN programs.The private schools with nursing programs are too far out of my budget.

There are multiple ADN programs, and I'm thinking about applying to a few. I just want some perspective before I put my efforts into that.

I currently have a job as a CNA in a hospital, and the hospital seems to be a big advocate for continuing education and hiring from within.

Is it better just to get my ADN? I know there are options to just get your MSN instead of BSN if you already have one bachelors.

What are are your thoughts?

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Honest, apply to both to keep doors open and give yourself more options. Particularly if the local hospital(s) hire ADN nurses and encourage/assist with higher education. BSN keeps open more doors as far a jobs, but ADN is typically more affordable so there are pros/cons to each.