Almost in.....Wondering about HESI test GCCC, PCB


:smokin: Hello everyone, I am new here, I have been reading posts for a while, but just signed up today. I am currently a week away from finishing my first year at Gulf Coast Community College. I wondered if anyone here has gone there, or is attending. After taking intro to pharm, and microbiology w/lab this summer, my advisor says I will most likely get in to the program, because I will be finished with all pre reqs, so I am excited. I have managed to maintain a 4.0 grade average. (Not because I am a genious, but because I have been able to stay at home with my children and study, study, study!!) I was wondering if intro to pharmacology is difficult, and also microbiology (in comparison to anatomy and physiology) I would appreciate any insight and info!! Also, I was wondering if anyone knows a good site to go to to see examples of the math that will be on the HESI test. Thanks in advance!!! T