10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 10

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  1. by   Dmstrand
    So .. finally got that sample huh newbie?
  2. by   nikki243191
    So its your first time changing out a chest tube huh??
  3. by   tipfam
    "I warned you about going to Club Siella on your day off"
  4. by   nikki243191
    First time changing out a suction canister is it??
  5. by   tamijo63
    Gastric lavage...you're doing it wrong.
  6. by   MissHolmes3
    "I think I need to call code ghostbuster"
  7. by   Tdot1
    Yes...that should be plenty for a sputum sample!
  8. by   kris911
    [FONT=lucida grande]No you didn't need to bring that large of a sample in...wiping your nose before coming in would have been fine!
  9. by   kingskid30
    Don't feel bad we initiate all of our good nurses! I mean you should have known something was up when your Flexi-Seal kit had a balloon attached to it! "Please allow patient to blow into this balloon to relieve presure! ........New grads , we getcha everytime!Lol!
  10. by   mscontentedlady
    Let me guess? You was just walkin' down the road minding your own business....
  11. by   MissHolmes3
    "so you say you're experiencing a slight discharge?"
  12. by   Mama Brown
    Aren't you glad you are following universal precautions?
  13. by   tipfam
    "Glad it was YOU the doctor requested for assistance and not ME"