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All B's kind of bummed


Ok so I figured my grades for all my classes. Without the finals they will be all B's, high B's but still B's. The finals scare me to death, sometimes I can't even remember what was in the last chapter let alone what we did 2 months ago.

I am kind of bummed but I keep telling myself that "ok it's been 15 + years since I took a college class, I have 3 kids and a husband who travels and I started with a full load, including Chem"

So how is everyone doing?? Hopefully next semester will be better, but with B's isn't that a 3.00 gpa?

I understand. I recently went back to school and I have 4 kiddos. I have always been an excellent student, so anything less than an "A" just seemed to be unacceptable. Let me share with you what I have come to realize- " I am doing the best I can at this point in my life. My grades may not reflect what I am totally capable of, but reflect what I am capable of...working part-time, taxing kids, carrying a full load, being homeroom mom, soccer coach, 4H horse show leader, house cleaner etc..... I keep reminding myself that school can not be a sole focus but a piece of my focus. So you see, to complete all your school and home duties, mom duties and wife duties and still come out in the high 80's seems pretty remarkable to me.

I totally understand! I feel the same way. I just started back after 10 years of being out of school. When we took our quiz in PSY101 a few weeks ago I really thought I got an A. When I got my grade back I was 1 question away from an A so I got a B. I was really bummed and it was hard for me to move on from that but we just took our mid-term and I'm pretty sure again I got an A. I just wanted to let you know that I'm right with you expecting to get A's but with a part time job, kids, and the house I guess sometimes we just have to be happy that we're doing well. I'm taking Chem next semester and I'm really worried! What's been working for me is making flash cards. I figure if I do it as we go along then it will be easy when it comes time for finals. GOOD LUCK!

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