All American Nursing School

U.S.A. Illinois


Looking into schools to take LPN, thankfully discover pccti was no good before I made a commitment. Has anyone had an experience at all with All American Nursing school in Alsip? And if not are there any things to make sure to ask when i go in and inquire to make sure they are legit?

I called the number and left a voicemail and I have not gotten a call back yet. As long as it's accredited then it should be fine but you never know with places like that. Have you called them yet?

Whats important is that they are approved by idfpr and the illiois board of higher education. Schools interested in offering financial aide requires accreditation. Thats the only time when it matters. Im the end idfpr awards the license.

All american is still in the beginning phase of their LPN application.Have you checked CMK healthcare? Or americare?

I contacted this school when they first opened, only to find out they had not gotten accredited. They are now accredited, but they want $1000 deposit plus $200 monthly. Not really sure of this school.

I tried signing up for their cna program in 2014. Very unorganized and unprofessional.

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