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Just curious...Who plans to apply for RN at Jeff State Spring/Jan 09? Who did not get in this fall/08? how many points did you have? Who got in and decided not to accept there place? how... Read More

  1. by   happy-go-lucky
    Good luck!
  2. by   tlm2987
    Quote from 2bnursestef
    Hopefully they will change the Fail ERI your out rule. But the teachers feel strongly that if you cant pass ERI then you cant pass boards.
    I agree that hopefully they will change the pass/fail aspect of the ERI. I ended up withdrawing from a class because I failed my 2 attempts at the test, but I was passing the class. I had a teacher tell us regarding the fundamentals test that if you can't pass the fundamentals ERI then you shouldn't even be in nursing school. I disagree with the belief that if you can't pass the ERI then you can't pass boards, but maybe they have evidence that says otherwise.
  3. by   autigermommy
    I had considered applying for Spring 09 at JSCC, but I only have 3 more pre-req (after Fall 08 semester) to finish for the BSN at UAB, so I have decided to wait until Summer 09 to apply.

    UAB is really tough to get in as "native UAB students" (those who have been at UAB from the beginning) get top priority. But my advisor at UAB has told me that if I get my ADN, I can walk right into the RN-BSN mobility program, which is only two add'l semesters, so that's my plan.

    I have 193 points and have worked my butt off to get every one of them. I also have a 3.59 GPA, so surely I can get in for Summer.

    I have been round and round with Tiffany. I can't stand dealing with her, but will be requesting the Shelby campus for classes -- even though I live much closer to the Main campus.

    I will be calling tomorrow to see if the advisor at Main can tell me what the points and number of applicants were for Fall 08.

  4. by   almostfearless
    I'll be applying Spring '09. I applied for Fall with 180 point and was denied-- which was expected, but I was going to apply anyway.

    I'm taking A&P 2 and BIO 103 now, and expect to get an A in both. If that is the case, I'll have 200 points! my only worry is that I have a low GPA, because I was previously a psych major, and my grades tanked before I relized it wasn't for me!

    Here's hopin!
  5. by   almostfearless
    Also, what is the ERI?
    Is it something I can prepare myself for now, or is it way later in the program? Oooh, testing makes me nervous!
  6. by   autigermommy

    Glad to see you're doing well this semester. I'm taking Bio 101 at UAB this semester, and it's actually quite difficult going backwards! I wouldn't have thought it would be, but it is!

    Are you applying for Shelby or Jefferson campus? Just an FYI -- the classes you are taking now will not count towards your points for Spring application. If you haven't already received the grade on your transcript, it doesn't count! I learned that the hard way.

    Making A's in both A&PII and BIO 103 will help your GPA tremendously. If you don't get in Spring 09, be sure to apply again for Summer. If you have 200 points, and a GPA over 2.5, you'll get in for sure!

    Okay, as for the ERI...
    Best I can figure is that they make assessment tests that are designed to prepare a student for the N-Clex. I haven't heard much positive feedback re: the ERIs though. I know that one semester, JSCC screwed up and gave the class the test for the following semester, and a whole bunch of them failed it. Then they were going to make all of those that passed it re-take it at the correct time. From what I've heard, those that passed it didn't have to retake it.

  7. by   almostfearless
    Quote from autigermommy

    Are you applying for Shelby or Jefferson campus? Just an FYI -- the classes you are taking now will not count towards your points for Spring application. If you haven't already received the grade on your transcript, it doesn't count! I learned that the hard way.

    I'm applying for both, but I have a preference for Jefferson campus. I just want to get in, I don't really care what the campus. =)

    That's so odd-- when I applied for fall, I was currently taking 201, which made me eligible to apply. They accepted the grade and pushed my application.

    Are you sure?

    Thanks for the info!!
  8. by   autigermommy
    Well, according to Tiffany Lane, if you are taking the class during the term in which the application is due, since you don't have the grade for it, it won't count.

    you'd think they'd let your acceptance be contingent on your grades from the term...

    If you want to make sure, call Cindy Bobo. The last couple of times I've tried to get in touch with someone, that's who I've spoken with. She's been real helpful.
  9. by   almostfearless
    UPDATE: I talked to K. Johnson, and she confirmed, this semester's points WONT count. HOWEVER-- she encouraged me to go ahead and apply because the entry is a bit more relaxed in non-fall semesters. She thinks I might get in this time. (I hope, I hope, I hope.....)
    I should know by the end of Oct. according to her.

  10. by   autigermommy
    Oh my gosh! How awesome would that be if you could get in!!!!

    I hate that they don't count, but I didn't want you thinking you had more points than you did!!

    I had to go through that several times, and finally I asked what was keeping me from getting in and explained that I thought the classes would count, that's when they decided to tell me.

    How many points did you say you had??

    C. Bobo said that the fewest # of points they've ever accepted is 174 and the the highest lowest (if that makes sense) was 183.

    I can't wait to find out. I turned my application in on Thursday last week!

  11. by   almostfearless
    I have 180- and she asked how many i had and still sounded encouraging. Still- I don't want to get my hopes up too far. =)
  12. by   jrg83
    I got in with 190 for this spring!
  13. by   magnolia3957
    anyone yet get in for spring 09 with 180 pts (or fewer)???
    anyone know yet what the cut off was for spring??