Wallace State Fall 2017

  1. Hi , I was wondering if anyone was applying for Wallace State Hanceville Fall 2017 and if so , how many points do you have ?
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  3. by   Jmill90
    Hello I'm not sure how many points you have to have. The add all the points up and divide them by total of application that meet the qualifications and anyone falling below that outside of the 200 ppl they admit more than likely won't get in unless someone gives up there apothecary then they'll offer it to the next person in line... I believe every school that's on a point system operates like this.

    I will be applying for the fall semester in case I don't get in at bevill for the summer... I have a total of 37 points right now
  4. by   LNicole25
    As of right now I have 39. I'm hoping that's enough .
  5. by   Jmill90
    It should be more than enough last semester someone got in with a 32 so fingers crossed cause more people apply in the fall
  6. by   Ash_aspiringnurse
    I will be applying with a 34. Unless I can get more point on act coming up..
  7. by   Ash_aspiringnurse
    I will be applying with a 34. Unless I can get more points on the ACT coming up..
  8. by   LNicole25
    I hope we both get in !
  9. by   Jmill90
    Me too!!!!
  10. by   kensmith77
    I have 43 points. You should be fine with mid 30s.
  11. by   Ash_aspiringnurse
    Is anyone applying with a 35
  12. by   Jmill90
    I apllied with a 37
  13. by   Ash_aspiringnurse
    I applied today with a 35. Hope that's enough! Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   Brittany.sandusky
    I applied with a 43. Fingers crossed.