Wallace Community College Check in!!

  1. Just wondering if there are any other Wallace Community College(Alabama) Students here!!I am finishing up my pre reqs at this location and just looking for any additional tips!!!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to AL Nursing Programs for more response.
  4. by   teelpnwannabe
    Have u already applied for the nursing program here yet
  5. by   recon1998
    Hi...I am applying for the Spring semester!!
  6. by   teelpnwannabe
    Ok,GREAT so will I!!! Which program are you applying for? I applying for the PN program at the Sparks campus.
  7. by   teelpnwannabe
    Hey! I called the school and the secretary told me letters would be mailed out within a week!!
  8. by   armywifestudent
    I got a letter in the mail today from Wallace, but I am out of town, and will not be back until next week. I want to open it myself, but I am very anxious to find out if I got accepted or not..
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  9. by   teelpnwannabe
    Really!! I didn't receive anything in the mail today..imma check tommorrow what program did u apply for?
  10. by   armywifestudent
    I applied to both nursing programs, but the letter is from the practical nursing...I'm not sure if its an acceptance letter or what but my mom said the envelope is thick...
  11. by   armywifestudent
    It was an acceptance letter into the PN program at the Sparks Campus at Wallace Community College
  12. by   teelpnwannabe
  13. by   armywifestudent
    thank you
  14. by   teelpnwannabe
    May I ask how many points u had toward the pn program?