Wallace Community College Check in!! - page 6

Just wondering if there are any other Wallace Community College(Alabama) Students here!!I am finishing up my pre reqs at this location and just looking for any additional tips!!!... Read More

  1. by   ShiGirl
    Everyone ready for Monday??
  2. by   reconmom00
    Yes guys...I AM READY...lol....Are you guys using a rolling backpack??? My husband weighed my books.....33 lbs....LOL!!
  3. by   lpnwcctee
    Yes...yes! Im not but I may have to invest in one lol
  4. by   ShiGirl
    I got a jansport book bag. Ill just change out books depending on class day
  5. by   ShiGirl
    I got all my books thru amazon. Waiting on one more to arrive. Hopefully tmrw
  6. by   therapist777

    can you email me at ashleighmccullough@hotmail.com. wanted to talk to you about the program at wallace if you do not mind! thanks so much!
  7. by   reconmom00
    I ordered most of my books from Amazon,also, with the exception of a couple that I ordered from Ebay.....saved about $400 on my books!
  8. by   therapist777
    congrats on you getting in! can you email me at ashleighmccullough@hotmail.com so i can ask you some questions? thanks!

  9. by   reconmom00
    Ashleigh...I am just getting this message, so I will email you tomorrow!!! Gonna get in bed early tonight.... LONG day tomorrow... lol....please remind me again tomorrow!!
  10. by   therapist777
    okay! sounds great! i am wishing you the best of luck on your first day of school and i will be praying for you! Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. by   sm35717
    Emailed you Ashleigh!!
  12. by   therapist777
    hey reminding you to email me!

  13. by   ShiGirl
    How was everyones first week of classes? First couple of days, i was thinking, "i can do this". Day 3, i started to feel nervous. I know its doable...just nervous cause i want to make it thru