Shelton State Fall 2017 Hopefuls

  1. I noticed that nobody has made a post for students applying to Shelton State Community College for the Fall 2017 semester. I just submitted my online application, so now I just have to send in my transcripts and verification forms! I'm super excited/nervous! Who else is applying, and how many points are you applying with?
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  3. by   dwigg001
    I applied and I am so nervous. I wonder when they are going to start sending out the acceptance letters
  4. by   dwigg001
    how did you do on your act? Do you know how the points will run this semester?
  5. by   alyeliwil
    I haven't received anything yet, but I talked to the lady that handles all of it, and she said that we will know by the last week in June. I'm so anxious. I made a 30 on my ACT, so I'm pretty much relying on that. I am currently taking A&P 2 and Micro, so I won't have the points from A&P 2 or the points for having taken 18 hours at Shelton. I'm checking my mailbox like 5 times a day!

    Do you know how many points you're working with?
  6. by   Bamalove
    I'm confused on how to calculate points. Ive taken all academic courses except speech so I I get the 3 pts For 18hr w/ 3.0 ....Made an A in Microbiology and Anatomy 2 and a B in Anatomy1 .... do we calculate the points for math, English, required ethic class (because I have that too)? My down fall I feel is my ACT score. I made a 19. Now I really wish it was higher. Never thought that would ever be a factor again it's been yrs since I've taken that. I believe I have 39 points but not sure.
  7. by   alyeliwil
    So this is my understanding of the points. There's a total of 58 points. 36 are possible with the ACT, then you get points for ENG 101, Math 100, BIO 201, and BIO 202. A=3, B=2, C=1, for a total possible 12 points. Then, there's 3 points if you've completed 18 hours of pre-reqs at Shelton (or at least I think they had to be at Shelton), and 3 points if you've completed 18 hours of pre-reqs with 3.0 or higher (I'm confused as to whether or not those only count if taken at Shelton). Then there's 4 points for work experience.

    Like I said, this is just how I understand it. I could have some things a little bit confused.
  8. by   dwigg001
    What do you think the cut off is?
  9. by   Bamalove
    Idk I've seen in previous post cutoff at 38/39for fall 32/34 for spring. Depending on the average for this admission term I guess so it could be higher or lower. I also saw somewhere that they factor in as many as the academic course you've taken required. So English math humanity speech micro both anatomys but I guess we won't truly know until we get the letters
  10. by   dwigg001
    if they do it as alyewill described the the cut off will be lower bc they are not counting anything but math eng anat1 and anat2 so that only 12 possible points but last fall they also counted micro and they have removed it and idk if the use the other classes at all now except for the gap??? i am so nervous
  11. by   Bamalove
    I would have a 32 based off the 58 possible points. I'm nervous too!!!
  12. by   alyeliwil
    I have my fingers crossed for all of us! Has anybody heard anything yet?
  13. by   Bamalove
    I havent gotten anything yet. Have y'all?
  14. by   alyeliwil
    Nothing yet. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be in the mail today!