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  1. [font=book antiqua] i have been a rn for 10 years. i have neurology and med-surg experience. i am desperately seeking a job outside of the hospital environment. i am just tired of hospitals and the way nurses are treated and underpaid. i do not want to forget understaffed as well. i have only seen nursing get worse as the years have gone by. it is not about the patient anymore, at least not at the hospitals i've worked at. i work in birmingham, al. i was just needing some advice on where to go from here. i had thought about home health but gas is too high for that. i want away from the bedside. any advice or options?
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  3. by   Snickett
    May I suggest returning to college and training to be a Stock Broker or Lawyer. With all due respect, you are burned out with nursing. One should NEVER be in a career for respect or pay, because EVERYONE is "Mistreated" and "Underpaid" regardless of profession. I have been in several hospitals in Alabama and Florida - working, visiting, and as a patient since starting Nursing School 2 years ago, and I can say that for the most part, Nurses are paid well - considering COL, and well staffed- when no one calls in, and the patients and families (myself included) have the greatest respect and admiration for what nurses do - this is why I chose nursing as a career.

    So, once again, take a break and change careers to something that is entirely unrelated to Nursing, and I think you will realize what you have is a level of job satisfaction that is worth far more than a 7 figure job.
  4. by   seasprite
    I understand your feelings having been a nurse 30 years and recently retired. It is not so much burn out as disillusonment due to negative changes in the profession. I wish you the best. Try a break if you can afford it.
    Trust me one with only limited exposure of only a couple of years has no idea.
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  5. by   hopefulnurse84
    I don't think your thinking is wrong what so ever. I myself get tired of patients cursing me out right after I saved their freaking life. I don't think your burned out. why not try private sitting?!
  6. by   pixiegalsmom
    If you still want to put your health science experience to use, have you considered working in other fields that require the knowledge of someone in the medical field? Examples: insurance companies and law firms? That's the great thing about this field, there are many avenues where you can put your tenure to use. Good luck in your quest!