Rn-bsn @ Jsu

  1. Just wondered if anyone was in the program at JSU. Thinking about starting in January. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance:spin:
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  3. by   busylizzy
    nope; but i'm about to start the "traditional" bsn. i'm so excited & so nervous. i'm married & got 2 kids & i'm worried about having time to study!!
  4. by   starzzmom
    I am currently starting to take the pre-reqs to get into the program. I already have a BS in Business but lack 6 classes to get into the program. I have been quite frustrated trying to get accurate information as the website and advisors aren't always in sync.

    But, here is what I have learned....
    I work full time so was hoping to get into the St. Vincents part time program. What it does not say anywhere on the web, but is (to me at least) fairly key information...they only have one enrollment and it is in the Fall and they only accept 30 students. You pretty much have to be in the upper 95th percentile in points to have a chance.
    The full time program accepts 100 students each semester. They had over 300 apply and (I think this is what they said) over 175 apply for the part time program.

    It really is putting me in a hard spot to plan my life. I am loosing my job sometime between October and March (they sold the company where I work) and would like to switch careers into nursing. I have two children under 3 and would eventually like to be home with them during the day at least part of the week and be able to keep them out of daycare as much as possible. This is not possible in my current career field.

    I am having to pay cash for classes. The advisor pretty much scoffed at my being able to get into the program before I was finished with all of the pre-reqs (annoying youngster of an advisor).
    They also said that since the application deadline falls before the end of the semester that this will need to be factored in as well. In other words, if I can carry a full load this Spring and knock out the rest of the pre-reqs, I would still NOT be able to get in for fall since the deadline would be before the end of the Spring semester and none of those classes would yet be eligible for points. Grrr.

    My fear now is that I will spend $$$$ on these classes and not be able to get into the program. I was hoping to stay home and not have to find another full time job and be able to take classes instead. This does not look like it is going to work out.

    Does anyone know if UAB is as competitive? I should be able to make A's and did decent my first time in college...20 some odd years ago. But, I also worked full time while in college the first time so had a high B average instead of an A average.

    I don't want to end up locked out of the program for Jeff and UAB after having spent several thousand $ on classes. It is not fair to my family. Anyone else have this frustration?
  5. by   nursekrn
    I plan on starting the RN to BSN in January also. I wanted to finish some of my pre- reqs.You may apply for the program still needing three of the academics left. They do admit in thier program (RN to BSN )January, May and August.
  6. by   Pedi-ER-RN
    nursekrn, are you planning on full time study or part time? I think I will start off the first semester part time and take it from there. The winter is our busiest time at work and there is usually overtime to be worked, family obligations, etc... I don't want to over extend myself. Maybe we will be classmates. Dr. Waits is really helpful. I had a friend go through the program and said that they were very disorganized, but thinks they might have gotten better since graduating.
  7. by   nursekrn
    I plan on going part time the first semester. I will still lack chemistry and sociology. And Dr. Waits said I needed another fine art electives. I only had music. It is so confusing because on the web site it stated one fine art electives was needed. This spring I will be taking at less chemistry, art , and one nursing class. Keep in touch.