PAX score

  1. hey everyone. I got my PAX score today from the NLN. I made an 84!! I'm so happy. At my CC you have to make a 50% on it. Doesn't seem that hard till you take the test. I left thinkin how awful I did. I talked to the secretary in the nursing school today and she said everything looks good for me to start in the fall. There is still one more entrance exam in the middle of next month. I don't have to take's for the people who haven't taken it yet so I have to wait for them to get their scores. Then the school will start the admitting process. I'm one step closer!! ~~Ash~~
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  3. by   2boyzmom
    WTG!!! Congrats on making it through the PAX! I am doing my pre-reqs this fall and will take mine next spring after some math/science refreshing. LOL