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  1. Last year I went to an information session regarding NAU's BSN program and some of the pre reqs. Now for the most part, my pre requisite grades have remained strong. I will have to retake BIO 201 though in order to opt for a better grade.

    One of the things that essentially worries me however is the amount of classes I can repeat. When I first started College, I took all of these classes that I ended up not liking and therefore got lazy and only got the passing grade.

    Since last year however, I have turned myself around with the exception of BIO 201.

    My question is, does NAU look at the overall GPA or your pre requisite GPA only during the admission process? And say that you originally get a C in one of the pre-requisite classes but then you retake it and end up getting an A, would they hold the C against or go ahead and take the higher grade into consideration or would they average both of the grades?

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  3. by   Sk8mannate
    I am currently in the NAU nursing program wrapping up my 3rd semester.
    For NAU Nursing admission the program looks only at the required courses for entry into the program. Only those classes that the school (nau nursing) requires will be figured into GPA. It was so long ago i was applying so i do not remember what are required.

    BTW - NAU has the best program in the state!